The Bookstore is located at Air University Press, Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center, 600 Chennault Circle, Building 1405, Maxwell AFB, Alabama 36112-6010, and is open 0730-1630 M-F. For inquiries, call (334) 953-2773 (DSN 493).

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About the Air University (AU) Press

Au Press Bookstore

Air University Press (AU Press), part of the Air Univerity's LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education, is the publishing agent for Air University (AU). Since 1953, it has edited, published, and distributed over 1.1 million student papers, curriculum texts, faculty research pieces, journals, and scholarly books to further airpower thought critical to the intellectual growth of the Air Force. AU Press is the preeminent press for airpower-related publishing.

Air University General Order No. 54, 28 September 1953, brought AU Press into being to support the mission of AU. The press was chartered to publish significant contributions of research and scholarship in the Air University, the USAF, and other sources . . . [and] to enhance the academic prestige and support the accreditation of the Air University.

Our products include the Air & Space Power Journal, the flagship professional publication of the US Air Force. The English edition is published electronically every other month, and the Spanish (since 1947), Chinese (since 2007), and Africa-Francophonie (in French and English, since 2005) editions are published quarterly in print and electronic versions. We also produce the Strategic Studies Quarterly, a forum for strategic-level discussions by military, government, and academic professionals about national and international security policies and evolving defense strategies.

In 1997 the press placed its first publications online. On 3 January 2003 the press launched a redesigned website in celebration of its 50th year. In its first half century, the press distributed approximately 500,000 publications. Just in the last 10 years, the press distributed over 600,000 books by capitalizing on new technologies to help war fighters understand air and space power. As the new millennium progresses, our project editors, copy editors, illustrators, marketing specialists, and typesetters will continue striving to meet the research, curriculum, and scholarly needs of Air University's schools and faculty members. Our future goals include further developing the electronic publishing process, streamlining the publication and distribution of books, journals, and research papers.