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Implementing Joint Vision 2010

A Revolution in Military Affairs for Strategic Air Campaigns

Christopher G. Warner
1999, 98 pages
ISBN: 1-58566-065-5
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Implementation of the CJCS's Joint Vision 2010 and the Air Force's Global Engagement will lead to a strategic air campaign revolution in military affairs. A strategic air campaign can perform worldwide mobility to deter aggression or win battles and wars with application of combat power. These future air campaigns should achieve strategic objectives that prevent crisis escalation, enhance deterrence, or support other nonmilitary national objectives with timely delivery of logistical resources and people worldwide. The synthesis of today's airpower doctrine; tomorrow's dominant battle-space knowledge, JV2010 operational-concepts development; rapid and effective command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence; high-penetration, low-observable aircraft employing precision weapons, rapidly, disproportionately, and against parallel target sets; and strategic airlift providing critical resources and supporting worldwide mobility will give the joint force commander and the US military significant long-range strategic airpower capabilities to achieve national security objectives. As we complete this synthesis the United States will experience a strategic air campaign revolution in military affairs.


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