Submission Instructions (contined)

Seed List for Index

• Most AU Press books (but not research papers) have an index.

• Because the author knows best what terms a reader would find useful in an index, the author is responsible for providing a “seed list”: an alphabetized list of key terms that an AUPress editor uses to prepare an index. See 1.37 in AU-1 for more guidance on indexing.


• When you sign your publishing agreement with us, you guarantee that your work is original. Therefore, if you use copyrighted text, graphics, or pictures, you must obtain written permissions from the rights holders and submit copies to us, along with instructions from the rights holders concerning credit lines and publication limitations. You are also responsible for the payment of any necessary fees to the rights holders. After we begin editing your manuscript, if we think you need to obtain additional permissions, we will contact you as soon as possible.

• You do not need to obtain permission if the material you use is in the public domain or if you comply with the doctrine of fair use of copyrighted material. For further information on such material, see part 1 of AU-1, appendix C.

• Copyright law does not set precise boundaries for fair use. Ultimately the author is responsible for not violating copyright law. However, AU Press has adapted the fair use guidelines that the University of Chicago Press offers for use of its own publications, available on the University of Chicago Press’s Website.

• Quotations for the traditional scholarly purposes of criticism, argument, and illustration are fair use.

• However, reproducing more than 5,000 words from a source, more than 5 percent of a source, or a complete poem, song, or other literary work is probably not fair use.

   o Reproduction of complete graphical units (charts, images, photos, maps, etc.) requires permission. AU Press will not publish a copyrighted graphic unless the author obtains written permission to reproduce it and supplies a copy of the permission to AU Press.

   o If you believe a graphic falls under the doctrine of fair use (e.g., a photograph used to facilitate commentary on techniques of photographic composition or a single graph, table, or chart that includes no pictorial elements and merely presents data), you may ask AU Press to consider an exception to the above policy.

• In the case of material developed for school course work, the office of primary responsibility in the using organization is responsible for reviewing permissions and ensuring that the use of the copyrighted material adheres to any limitations or requests indicated by the rights holder (see Air Force Instruction [AFI] 33-360, Publications and Forms Management; and AFI 51-303, Intellectual Property—Patents, Patent-Related Matters, Trademarks and Copyrights.

• Because obtaining permissions can take a long time, begin requesting them early in the process of preparing your manuscript.

Distribution List

• We normally will provide you up to 25 copies of your book free of charge. We will send them all to you, or you may submit a list of names and addresses of people or organizations to whom we will send them. However, these provisions are subject to budgetary constraints.


• Use the author checklist in appendix B of AU-1 to compile your submission. Please send all materials to the


Air University Press

Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center

600 Chennault Circle, Building 1405

Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6010

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